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Daniel Geiger

This my personal opinion, not institutional.
Bang for buck. Currently Specify 6 sort of works, and it is free. That’s a decent trade-off.

Priority: Is the new Specify development team going to provide critical basic db functionality?
Data entry is OK, but clean-up is non-extant. Change-all in a record set (for instance from inventory “empty” to “found”) is impossible. A total waste of time going through every single record, click edit, click Inventory “found”, save, next record, etc.
Or double entered Agents. While I can easily merge taxa, I don’t think it is possible to merge Agents or Sites.
While the idea of clean data-entry is nice on paper, in reality, you gotta clean it up afterwards. While this may not fit a TADWIG platonic ideal, please accept reality and provide tools accordingly. I know that the change-all feature has been on the list for years, but nothing happens.

Similarly for label design, which seems to be a major problem. It should be as easy to do as in FileMaker or Access.

However, there is a mapping tool for the ipad. So what? It seems to me that Specify gets side-tracked on the latest fad while not actually excelling at core business. This is OK for a free piece of software, but once I have to pay for it, it better work flawlessly as a productivity tool at the core function.

Before paying for Specify, I will be looking at alternatives.

my 2c.