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I’m certainly not advocating for Specify to incorporate an entirely new DAMS architecture…that would be monumentally out of scope for you all! However, for institutions that already have a digital asset management system in place, it would be quite convenient to be able to link Specify directly to those items maintained via the DAMS server, rather than via an intermediary web attachment server.

My request would be mostly to configure the attachment interface in Specify such that http:// URLs could be provided in the attachment service, rather than relative file positions within a separate file server that would be dedicated for Specify attachments.

If such a service (or button customization using XML, as you indicate here) does exist, links to documentation on XML customization would be incredibly beneficial to be discoverable. (I’ve heard of these elusive features from a few people at Specify, but am putting it in the Forum at Jim Beach’s request in order for public users to also find similar content and solutions).