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“Configuring Specify requires the use of the ‘root’ account,which was setup during the MySQL installation,and also requires the creation of one other MySQL user account. The root account is referred to as the“Specify IT User”in the Specify documentation.”

The username is “root”, and the password should have been set during MySQL installation.

See help document for MySQL installation:

“The next screen asks for a password for the MySQL “Root” account. A root account has all privileges and permissions on the MySQL software installation. The account can create, change and delete entire databases. The account username is literally the word “root”. Security Note: The MySQL installation by default will be visible to anyone on your network, and if you are not located behind an institutional network firewall with database ports blocked, it will be reachable by anyone on the internet. In order to prevent malicious break-ins into your MySQL-Specify 6 installation, your MySQL root user password should be very strong. Do not use “root” or “specify” as your password, nor any other easily guessed word. Use a mixture of upper and lowercase letters, and numbers. It is vitally important to be able to recall this MySQL root account password to complete the Specify installation and to accept future Specify software updates. You will need it each time The Specify Project releases a major update, which is about twice a year. Record the root account password on paper and store it in a safe, memorable place or use a password management app.”