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Thank you so much for helping me out and for your quick response.

Your advice has allowed me to fix most of the problems. I cannot thank you enough for your help. I have worked very hard on customizing my forms, but with no help available from others involved in my collection and almost no experience with this type of thing, it has been difficult to say the least. I am still having issues with my first question.

1. When I first started customizing my forms, there was an Accession field at the very top of the Collection Object Form and I got rid of it. Now that I am trying to put it back, I get an error message every time. All I did was copy and paste it from the commented out section. It should be exactly the same as the original default from when I first started using Specify. The error message is just telling me that something unexpected happened which is not very helpful.

Again, any help that you can provide would be very appreciated.