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    I’ve got Specify 6.7.01 running.

    I have got a problem with batch editing: It doesn’t work.

    For example.
    I run a Collection Objects query with only two fields: Catalog Number and Alt Catalog Number. Select only one resulting row and batch edit. In the batch edit window The Catalog Number row is greyed out, whereas the Alt Catalog Number is not – meaning it’s editable. So I edit the Alt Catalog Number and click Apply.
    At this point, the Upload window flickers up and is gone in the same instance, and I’m at the same Batch Edit window. Only now, the Apply Button is greyed out and I’m left wondering whether my edit was saved or not. Running the same query reveals, that nothing was saved.

    Does anyone know whats going wrong in this scenario?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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