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    I was trying to find out why my specify-user, with supposedly admin/manager permissions, couldn’t switch collection for a particular museum database instance. So I created a user with a similar name, but different e-mail, in Specify7, but seems to have set things now in motion that cannot be undone. Whether related or not, my original user account can no longer access anything and I don’t know how to set the permissions right. And a lot of my admin/manager perks (User Tools) are no longer visible in Specify7.

    I had already gotten a warning from my predecessor that there’s a bug in Specify 7 when creating users, that I failed to heed. So I’m quite certain I screwed something up, that may need to be fixed directly into the database itself using raw SQL statements. I have been looking directly into the database itself (not through Specify client software) and I also some of the other specify-databases we use and they show different values for my user in the relevant tables.

    The rows in the table spprincipal related to my user all show “” as the so-called “GroupSubClass”. In other databases, these take can take the values “” and “”.

    So my questions are:

    1. How do I fix the entries in database tables specifyuser , specifyuser_spprincipal and/or spprincipal in order to alleviate my woes?
    2. What does userGroupScopeID stand for and does it have any bearing on this?

    Thanks in advance for any pointers.

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