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    I have been editing my forms and everything was going fine, but now I am getting an unspecified error message. The last thing that I changed was putting the Accession query combo box back in my Collection Object Form like it was in the default form. It should not have caused any problems. It looks how I want and allows me to save everything, so I am very confused. If anyone has any ideas or can offer any solutions please let me know. If it helps, here is what my code looks like (not sure why the margins did that, they do not come that far to the left in my actual code). I do not think that I changed anything about the Accession field.


    name=”Collection Object”
    <desc><![CDATA[The Collection Object form.]]></desc>

    <columnDef os=”lnx”>115px,2px,195px,5px,125px,2px,210px,5px,125px,2px,131px,15px,p:g</columnDef>
    <columnDef os=”mac”>130px,2px,215px,5px,128px,2px,260px,5px,138px,2px,145px,15px,p:g</columnDef>
    <columnDef os=”exp”>p,2px,min(p;250px),5px:g,p,2px,p:g,5px:g,p,2px,p:g(2),p,p:g</columnDef>
    <rowDef auto=”true” cell=”p” sep=”2px”/>

    <cell type=”label” labelfor=”1″/>
    <cell type=”field” id=”1″ name=”catalogNumber” uitype=”formattedtext”/>
    <cell type=”label” labelfor=”3″/>
    <cell type=”field” id=”3″ name=”accession” uitype=”querycbx” initialize=”name=AccessionCO;title=AccessionCO” isrequired=”false”/>
    <cell type=”label” labelfor=”2″/>
    <cell type=”field” id=”2″ name=”projectNumber” uitype=”combobox”/>

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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