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    Hello there,

    I’m working on customizing the forms of Collection Objects. Everything is going OK but I’m trying to insert Collecting Trip subview without success. I’m able to edit the XML but when I open the Colecttion Object form on Specify, I get two error messages:

    There is no field named ‘CollectingTrip’ for class edu.ku.brc.specify.datamodel.CollectionObject

    The field ‘CollectingTrip’ is invalid and doesn’t exist in a ‘Collection Object’ data object.

    The Collecting Trip appears on Collection Object form but every field is blank when there should be recorded data.

    Can anybody help me with this issue?


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    Sorry that took so long. I only discovered the User Forum today.

    In case you haven’t already resolved this, Collecting Trip is linked to Collection Object through Collecting Event, so in order to get it into your Collection Object form, you need to use a Collecting Event subform.

    Here is what it looks like for us:

    Screenshot of MEL Collecting Event subform showing Collecting Trip query box.

    You’ll find the code in our botany.views.discipline.xml views on GitHub. The code for the Collecting Trip query box is the bit that starts at line 1037:

        <cell type="label" labelfor="43"/>
        <cell type="field" id="43" 
                initialize="name=CollectingTrip;title=Collecting trip" 
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