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    I’m wondering if anyone here has successfully had MySQL write a database to a shared network drive (i.e., not onto the host machine, or an external HDD plugged into the host). I work at a facility where the network drives are backed up daily on and off-site, so that is the ideal place to be writing my database to although I administer and run the database locally from my desktop.

    what I have done: I can successfully re-direct the default database directory to other folders on the host computer by changing the path in the my.ini file, but when I try to change it to a network drive (either by using the mapped drive name – ‘G:\’ or by using the UNC address – \\fwc-spfs2\) and then start the the MySQL service it completely fails\ and I get the following error:
    “Windows could not start the MySQL56 service on Local Computer. Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly.”
    I realize this is a MySQL problem and not a Specify problem per se, but I imagine there must be some other Specify user who has been or would be interested in this issue.

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