Board of Members

Doug Jones, Univ. of Florida
Warren Brown, Univ. of Florida
Hernán López-Fernández, Univ. of Michigan
Cathleen Curley, Univ. of Michigan
Nikolaj Scharff, Denmark Consortium of Museums
Kim Steenstrup Pedersen, Denmark Consortium of Museums
Leonard Krishtalka, Univ. of Kansas
Jorge Soberon, Univ. of Kansas
Peter Thrall, CSIRO
Angus Macoustra, CSIRO
Michelle Hamer, SANBI/NSCF
Gillian Brown, Queensland Herbarium
Jonathan Armbruster, Auburn Univ.
Elspeth Haston, RBG Edinburgh
Peter Schuchert, NHM Geneva

External Members

Joe Miller, GBIF
Dimitris Koureas, Naturalis
Gill Nelson, iDigBio

Consortium Governance

The Specify Collections Consortium is led by a Board of Members (BoM) comprised of institutional representatives from all Membership Levels.  Founding Partners are guaranteed up to two permanent seats on the BoM and an additional six rotating seats filled from the Full, Associate, and Solutions membership complete the body. The Board may also call up to four External Members, who are representatives of non-member organizations and act in an advisory capacity. The BoM meets a minimum of four-times per year and is responsible for the vision and oversight for the organization.  

The Board of Members is advised by two additional groups to identify priorities for new capabilities, hosting and support services; a Technology Advisory Committee and a Science Advisory Committee. Founding Members are designated a permanent seat on both the Technology, and Science Advisory Committees. Up to eight additional members fill rotating seats and are selected from the Full, Associate, and Solutions Membership, with priority offered to Full Members of the SCC. Up to three External Members from outside of the Consortium may be seated for renewable one-year terms. 

Members of our current Board of Members and Advisory Committees are listed on this page. If you are affiliated with a Member institution and would like to be considered for a seat or have a nomination you would like the BoM to consider please email us at [email protected]

Science Advisory Committee

Gustav Paulay, Univ. of Florida
Ely Wallis, CSIRO
Adam Rountrey, Univ. of Michigan
Leslie Skibinski, Paleontological Research Institute
Casey Dillman, Cornell Univ.
Blanka Aguero, Duke Univ.
Nina Fillipova, Yugra Univ.
Sarah Huber, Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Paul Larson, Florida Fish and Wildlife
Willem Coetzer, SAIAB
Tess Bonachita Sanguila, Father Saturino Urios Univ.

External Members

Anna Monfils, Univ. of Central Michigan

Technology Advisory Committee

Ben Norton (Chair), North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
Taylor Wilson (Secretary), Univ. of Florida
Randy Singer, Univ. of Michigan
Aimee Stewart, Univ. of Kansas
Niels Klazenga, RBG Victoria
Ian Engelbrecht, NSCF
Tomislav Urban, UT Austin
Ray Garcia, San Diego MNH
Talia Karim, Univ. of Colorado
Alexis Beck, NHM Geneva
Fedor Steeman, Denmark Consortium of Museums
Vivek Pulukuri, CSIRO

External Members