The Specify Software Project is pleased to offer Specify 7, a web implementation of our biological collections data management platform. Specify 7 server code is open source and available from GitHub.

This new generation of Specify combines the interface design components and data management foundation of Specify 6 with the efficiency and ease-of-use of web-based data access and cloud computing. The Specify 7 web application uses the same interface layout language as Specify 6, so any user interface customization made in one product is mirrored in the other. Also Specify 6 and Specify 7 use the same data model and can work from the same Specify MySQL database, which means they can be run simultaneously with any Specify collection. By providing an easy migration path to the web, Specify 7 helps transition Specify 6 collections to cloud computing. It is also a great starting platform for collections which prefer zero workstation software installation and ubiquitous web browser access.

Specify 7’s server/browser architecture open the door for computing support of collaborative digitization projects and for remote hosting of institutional or project specimen databases. Without the need for a local area or campus network to connect to the MySQL data server, Specify 7 gives you and your collaborators access to a shared specimen database through any web browser. Without adequate IT support to maintain a secure database server? With the Specify 7 server software supported on generic Linux servers, museums can utilize a server hosting service to provide support for the technical complexities of systems administration, security management, and backing-up. Want to create a joint database with remote collaborators for a collaborative digitizing effort? No problem! Host, hire a hosting service or use our SpecifyCloud service for your Specify database, set up accounts and go. We provide the same efficient user interface and printed reports and labels customization, and help desk support for Specify 7 as we do for Specify 6.

Interested in evaluating Specify 7 for a collection near you? Check out the demonstration server at the link below. The Tutorial tab at the top of this page leads to some suggestions for exploring Specify 7’s capabilities.
Username: sp7demofish
Password: sp7demofish

Linux server administrators interested in installing Specify 7 will find source code and docs at: