Specify Attachment Server

Attachment files in Specify are not stored within the MySQL databases but as files either in a specified local filesystem (or mounted server) directory, or on an institutional computer running the Specify Attachment Server where they are accessed through web protocols.

The Specify Attachment/Asset Server offers a flexible option for storage of collection-data-related images and documents for institutions with multiple collections, a mix of workstation operating systems or those that want to use the Specify Web Portal to publish attachment files to the web. The Attachment Server is an optional module, it handles transactions involving files linked to Specify database records, i.e. uploads, downloads, and deletions of attachment files. It is typically installed on an institutional Linux server. The Attachment Server’s Python code is lightweight, it has been tested on Linux and should run on any platform supported by Python. Authentication allows document repository access only from Specify workstations and read-only access from the optional Specify Web Portal. The Attachment Server Python code is available from GitHub. The settings file includes documentation as comments. Installing the Specify Attachment/Asset Server requires the expertise of a system administrator or software engineer.