We have created color, poster-sized PDFs of the Specify database MySQL schema (schema v4.2) suitable for adorning that empty wall in your collection or office. The poster shows all the essential Specify data tables and their relationships. The diagram is large and formatted for printing in four North American and ISO paper sizes. Although it can be printed with Adobe Acrobat on any size paper, prints smaller than 24″ x 36″ will have tiny text. Acrobat can also print poster-sized PDFs as multiple pages to small format printers–you’ll just need a lot of tape for assembly. We admit it looks great in color, and we have some large-format print copies available. If you are a Specify user, write “HERE” on a post-it note, stick it to that empty wall, then e-mail a photo to: [email protected]. We will send you a poster-sized, color copy. Downloadable PDF large-format files are available here.