In addition to assembling feedback for the requirements of the new user permission system in Specify 7, Specify software engineers are also seeking technical feedback on authentication capabilities for 7. Authentication is the process of identifying and validating user credentials for allowing access to a Specify database and session. Many campuses and organizations are moving to “Single-Sign On” (SSO) network architectures for evaluating the login IDs and passwords of institutional application users. We invite ideas and feedback, particularly from network administrators and related technical support staff about your institution’s interest in SSO capabilities. We have two brief surveys in the Specify 7 GitHub code repository, located at:

You will need a GitHub ID to answer the surveys (easy). Please take 15-20 minutes to let us know which SSO options are desirable or forthcoming at your institution, so that we might support as many institutions as possible with SSO capabilities in Specify 7. Generously forward this invitation to other interested Specify IT or technical support staff at your institution as you think appropriate. Many thanks in advance for helping us move Specify 7 forward.