The Specify Collections Consortium announces the availability of an update release, Specify 6.7.03.

This is a maintenance release to fix a small number of engineering issues, and to restore integration of the OpenStreetMap tile service that produces the map base layer within the GEOLocate plug-in. Thanks to Nelson Rios for assistance. We also updated code in the MacOS versions to bring them up-to-date with Apple software changes.

This release does not modify the Specify database schema. A Specify 6 update later this summer will make schema changes. If Consortium members have database schema modification recommendations, please email them to [email protected], or use the forum on this site.

We recommend that Specify 6 Windows users install one of the two 64-bit Specify versions for better performance on workstations running 64-bit Windows.

See the 6.7.03 Release Notes for technical details.

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