Specify Collections Consortium Technical Services


The Consortium will provide technical support services to member institutions on the schedule shown in the table below. Revenue from services such as new collection setup, interface and report customization, data management, custom programming, web hosting, and software installation, will be an essential part of the Consortium’s business model. We will adjust fees for services based on member status and specific needs. Both Specify 6 (thick client) and Specify 7 (web browser app) will be supported with the services below, but the focus of all future development and innovation will be on the Specify 7 web platform. Institutions can install their own Specify 7 servers or they can use the Consortium’s cloud hosting service. Cloud hosting relieves institutions of the costs and complexities of hardware maintenance, systems updates, backups, and security management. It also creates opportunities for the support of collaborative projects and collections database that bridge institutional boundaries.

Many of the services shown represent one-time costs associated with the installation of a new Specify database, its customization, and the migration of legacy data. The Consortium will offer workshops, video tutorials, and webcasts as training services. The Consortium’s web site blogs and forums, and help desk will continue to respond to member data management and software issues when they arise.

Consortium Technical Liaisons at member institutions will continue to play vital roles as the first line of support for technical issues requiring local attention and on-site management. They have been invaluable technical contributors to the successful adoption of Specify at institutions in several countries, notably: Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Portugal, South Africa, and in the U.S.

Current Specify Software collections have access to free live help desk and technical support services through March 2018. Beginning in April 2018, only committed Consortium institutions will have access to free help desk services, and access to the paid technical services noted below.

Member Support & Customization Services

Digitization and database projects evolve–whether you are just getting started or ready to implement advanced capabilities, the Consortium offers these technical services to members.

Support/Maintenance Services Thru March 30 2018 April 1 2018
Online Forum, Documentation Videos Free Free
Help Desk Support
(Email, Phone)
Free Free
Remote Login Support Free $75
Form Customization Free $250/Form
Label Customization Free $250/Label
Report Customizations Free $250/Report
Webinar-style Training $100/Hour $100/Hour
User Meeting Registration $600/User $600/User
Software Upgrades
for Current Platform
Free Free

If you require data enhancements,such as custom scripting or API integration, our software engineers can assist you in your efforts.

A La Carte Engineering Services Thru March 30 2018 April 1 2018
Custom Programming $125/Hour $125/Hour
Data Cleanup Management $125/Hour $125/Hour

Cloud Hosting

For member institutions who want to avoid the costs and complexities of managing a local Specify database server, the Consortium provides Specify 7 Cloud Hosting.

Cloud Hosting $250/Year/Basic $500/Year/Robust $500/Year
Member Storage 5 GB 50 GB +50 GB
Member Backups Nightly Nightly Nightly

New Collection Setup Package

Are you preparing to migrate your spreadsheet of information into a normalized database? Our New Collection Setup Package contains the services that most collections with some IT support require. Member collections without IT support can choose additional assistance from our selection of Add-On Services.

New Collection Setup Package Free
Thru March 30 2018
$2000 April 1 2018
User Interface Customizations 2 Layouts 4 Layouts
Label Customizations 2 Labels 4 Labels
Report Customizations 2 Reports 4 Reports
Customized New User
Webinar Training
1 hr 6 hrs
Spreadsheet Data Conversion Package (Data QA, Mapping, WB Modification) Full Full

Add-On Services

Member collections without local institutional IT support can obtain extended support with the Consortium’s Add-On Services.

New Collection
Add-On Services
Thru March 30 April 1
Data Conversion Package
(Data QA, Mapping, WB Modification)
Free $250/Conversion
Spreadsheet Data Conversion Upload Free $1000/Conversion
Non-Spreadsheet Data Conversion Upload TBD ($2000+) TBD ($2000+)
Local Web Portal Setup
(remote link to your server)
$1000 $1000
Local Attachment Server Setup
(remote link to your server)
$500 $500
Local Specify 7 Installation
(remote link to your server)
$1000 $1000
Specify 7 Cloud Installation $500 $500
2-Day US On-site Training $4000 $4000

Not sure which support services you need and want to pay for? We would be happy to discuss your collection database projects and plans to help sort things out.